Femicide census reports dating from 2009 – 2018

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Our latest report

Released in February 2020, our latest report is dedicated to the 149 women known to have been killed by men in the UK in 2018.

Key findings from the 2018 femicide census

149 women  were killed by 147 men

91 women were killed by their current or former male spouse or intimate partner.
12 women (8%) were killed by sons or step-sons; a further 5 women (3%) were killed by a son-in-law or ex son-in-law.
94% of femicides were committed by a man known to the victim.

The youngest victim was aged 14 and the eldest 100 with 23 women (16%) aged 66 or over when killed

In at least 37 cases women had separated/taken steps to separate from their male partner

41% (37 of 91) of women killed by a partner/former partner had separated or taken steps to separate from him with 30% of them (11/37) killed within the first month and 70% (24/37) killed within the first year post separation.
11 (41%) were killed in the first month.
Overkilling was evident in over half the femicides (83 cases, 56%).
There was evidence of previous abuse or violence in over half the cases where the perpetrator was known to the victim (52%; 69 out of 133 cases).
At least 76 (52%) perpetrators were known to have had histories of previous violence against women.

Three perpetrators had killed women before

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